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Tricks to got a rental Truck (Get a Rental Truck)

         Tricks to got a rental Truck (Get a Rental Truck)  

Moving can be a tricky thing or just and manageable activity. When we’re moving there are many things to take into consideration like before loading and unloading: distance, timing, and moving company, and off course, budget. It’s already exhausting to envelope all the stuff we’re carry on with us, but is also more exhausting to look for a company that carry on your stuffs in a responsible manner and economically accessible.

Got a rental truck? Be careful about loading and unloading, this could save you money

            Many options are available and budget can change dramatically, it makes a lot of influence the distance where you are moving, if there is a traffic season, if there is any holiday by the time you’re moving, lots of things can influence considerably into your estimate budget. In here we have some tricks to save some money, which for some people maybe not entirely necessary but for others could be life saving.

            In case you’re doing a cross-country moving the planning and effort could be a little bit more demanding. Start by doing a good research about moving companies, usually companies tend to compete each other for best prices offering discounts to attract new costumers and keep the profit.

            Start by a making a list of Companies, the most common are: Budget, Penske and U-Haul. Also, if you go to and enter a change of address request (which you have to do anyway) by finishing you will be given an option to view some ads relating to moving. One of these ads is a 20-25% off coupon for Budget Truck Rentals. And only costs $1 to change your address in the US Postal Service and its fast and easy.

            After that you’ll go to Budget with you coupon and ask for a quote. After you got that, go to the next company you choose and compare what they offer. It’s interesting how companies can saves us lots of money only competing with each other, if you negotiate with the company to beat your first quote (the one with discount) you may be surprised of getting an even better deal.

             Ones you get your second quote, hopefully better than the first one, go to your next company and repeat the same procedure until you find the proper one for your estimate for loading and unloading

            But also they’re other factors to consider. Its important to Plan and book early, people tend to move in the summer, so maybe a little more difficult to move at holydays like Memorial Day and Labor Day, as well at the end of month, thinks like timing can influence a lot. So, in order to be safe and comfort try to reserve your truck a couple of weeks in advance. Also, make sure you’re insured, it’s the better way to be protected despites any situation. For sure everything will be ok, but it’s important to be protected against any out off order complications that may happen, like robbery, or a car accident that can damage or loose your belongings. Moving can be a tricky thing but with patience, good energy and positivity things can go as well as planned.

We hope you already got a rental truck!

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