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Payment & Account

You will get credits in your account automatically if you cancel or reschedule a booking 24 hours before the scheduled moving start time. You can use those credits for your next booking; our intelligent system will automatically apply those credits to your final payment.
In case you want refund in your card, kindly reach our customer care

We have tried our best to keep cancellation as flexible as possible. Here are conditions that apply to cancellation:
  • Free reschedule of any booking with 24 hours notice
  • If you reschedule or cancel a booking within 2-24 hours of the booking start, a fee would be charged depending on the hours left
  • Permanently cancel a booking at least 24 hours before the booking start time for free
*Note that no refund will be made within 2 hours of the booking start time.

As a customer you have the ability to make changes to your account setting to update your information. The customer ID is the only information that you won't be able to change as it is necessary to keep track of your account.
You will be provided with option to review a moving helper within 60 days from the date of successfully scheduling a move or within 60 days of the date your booking cancellation request is processed by us.
We will have royalty free, perpetual and irrevocable right to your moving helper review to use it for our advertising and marketing purpose along with your name. By writing a review, you agree to the condition that you will not have the right to edit or remove the review

Move with Pete's is a one stop destination that connects you to quality moving laborers. You can hire moving helpers listed with us.
We ensure quality and safe moving help is provided to you by enforcing strict background checks and work ethics for moving individuals listed with us.

Yes. We set no restriction on tipping our moving helpers. If you are satisfied with their services feel free to tip them

Yes, we operate all 7 days of the week. You can contact us or hire our moving helpers even on weekends

Currently we operate only in Tampa, Florida but we are continuously expanding our service area. Keep checking our website for updated cities

No. You can schedule a moving without worrying about minimum hours with our service providers. Still we recommend you book for enough hours for a hurdle free moving

Sign Up

As we are growing our service network every day, we need moving helpers. Customers can sign up to get listed with us as moving individuals if they are interested. You can sign up visiting the link below.


Yes you need to arrange for moving truck on your own. We only provide mover helping services.

Yes we do offer packing services but supplies required for packaging should be provided by customers. In some cities packaging supplies can be made available by us for a fee.

Yes. Not only it will help our moving helpers with packing and loading but will ensure that you lose no valuables stored in your drawers.

Petes Ultimate Movers has no provision of providing insurance coverage for services of moving laborers listed with us.
However we connect customers with third party insurance coverage providers

Pro/ Mover

Mover, Moving Helper, Moving Laborer or Service Provider is the term used to denote independent individuals who desire to provide moving help services and other laborer services to the consuming public i.e. the customer.

No. As moving individuals listed with us are not a corporate or business entity, they are not licensed. However it doesnt mean they are not reliable moving individuals. We only list trained and experienced moving helpers after strict background checks.

Moving helpers listed with us are trained individuals and we explicitly pick moving laborers who are experienced.

No. As moving individuals listed with us are not a corporate or business entity, they are not insured. However you can avail full insurance coverage for their services through third party that Petes Ultimate Movers connect you with

Our system automatically picks the closest moving helper to your location.
You are not charged for travel time unless you choose a moving individual located far from your location.

No stair charges are applied

Yes, the moving helper(s) you choose will provide complete loading and unloading service.

Yes, but you need to provide the packaging supplies on your own

No, our listed moving helpers are not movers and do not provide trucks for moving

Yes, however you need to explicitly make a request for the same in your service description

No. Moving helpers are individuals and not moving businesses; you have to provide them with all the moving equipment

No, but you can get this service in some cities after paying a fee for the same.

No, but you can avail this service in some cities after paying the fee for the same

Yes, moving helpers listed with us are trained individuals who can handle furniture assembly/disassembly.

No, you will get quality moving help from our moving individuals without any time wastage.

You will be the boss of the moving helpers you hire. There is no way they will sneak out or milk the clock under your own supervision.

Yes, our moving laborers offer services 7 days of the week.

No. We have fixed prices irrespective of the day and time.

OYou need not to worry about that as our moving helpers are covered under unlimited insurance coverage.

Yes. We ensure a thorough background check of the moving helpers before listing them. It is mandatory for moving individuals to clear the background check to get listed on our website.