Our Faq

Moving can be a draining and daunting task especially when you need delicate and heavy items to be moved. Professional movers can deliver expert services to deliver great value. We provide trained professionals and relevant tools to support smooth moving. We boast extensive experience in residential and commercial moving services. Hiring moving professionals is recommended as you would do so for any other household job like plumbing or construction and its no different.
It is difficult to randomly tell the number of trucks required. To avoid any last moment hassles, we send our professionals to assess your belongings and suggest the number of trucks required. Ranging from 20’ to 26’, we maintain shiny clean trucks to suit your requirement.
No, our charges are upfront flat, irrespective of number of trips. We do not engross any hidden charges.
For safety of your belongings, we recommend all boxes to be covered. If covers are not available, we can provide shrink wrap for the uncovered boxes at a very less price. We also recommend using durable boxes with proper labeling.
It is alright to leave light stuff like clothing in the closet. If your cabinet is not too heavy, it can easily be moved with included stuff although you should remove all valuable articles, important documents or anything else that could roll and break.
Our trained professionals can move anything and everything like plants, electronic appliances etc. What we do not move for the safety purposes are combustible items like firearms, aerosols, paint, gas or propane tanks. This is plainly because the temperature of the truck may trigger fire.
We would certainly help in dissembling or assembling the standard beds. Beds that are custom made and baby cribs would need to be dissembled before we arrive at the location and we would safely move them to your new location.
We can of course store your belongings if you need to store it for a single night or few nights. You would be required to book the truck in advance with us. If you need to store the belongings for a longer duration, you can always use our safe and climate controlled storage facility at affordable rates.
We only use our well trained and experienced employees who are responsible and best to do what they do. They are all certified to make your move worry free and relaxed.
There is no difference in the charges any day of the week. We charge upfront fees that are same all-round the week!
Yes, of course! Once we shift your belongings to the new location, we work closely with you getting each box and furniture to the right room as preferred by you. We would even help you shift or rearrange furniture to your satisfaction.
Although we can move you all round the year, but is better to avoid extreme of summer and winter seasons as both conditions may be strenuous and demanding.
Our professionals and trucks are all geared up to move you in any climatic condition. We come equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to conduct move even during rains or snow. However, some occasions may be unsafe for a move.
Provisions are that you should make the full payment in advance or before your belongings are unloaded at your new location. We accept cash or check and we also accept credit card payments. You must inform the suitable payment option to us in advance.
Depending on the service that you hire us for, we pack everything very carefully. We use furniture blanket, shrink wraps and bubble wraps to protect your belongings with extreme care.
If we are packing boxes as per your instruction, we label each box appropriately so that they bear an identity for their place in the new location. Labeling the boxes also ensures that we know which box includes fragile items and needs careful handling. While packing the stuff yourself, do not forget to label the boxes to avoid hassles later on.
You can visit our online website that includes numerous blogs, tips, and suggestions that would come handy to you. In fact, we insist that you check our website comprehensively to understand our services better and how we can make your move easier, smoother, and simple.
It depends on many factors including season, distance, shipment size etc. We do not like to hurry up things to cause any damage or breakage. We are calm minded and proficient professionals who take safety as our first priority.
We are well insured and licensed to provide you the best stress free moving services. Our professionals are intensely trained and certified to safely lift and move expensive and breakable items prudently. When we are at work, all you need to do is to relax and see things move safely and swiftly.
It’s very simple. Just call us on our toll free number or click on the “Get a free quote now – get started” tab on our website to fetch a short inquiry form. Fill in the details and our experts would get back in touch with you at the earliest. The initial quotes are free with absolutely no obligations. Please fill in the right details, this would help us in offering the exact estimate.
If you haven’t got an immediate response, you should get it through email by the end of the day. Make sure that you filled all the required information in the request form without which it is hard for us to provide you the quote. If you still do not get it, you can directly call us on our toll free number for instant help.
It depends on the vehicle availability. During months when we are not so busy (mostly between November – April), we may consider your request to arrange move in a notice of just few hours; during busy months, we recommend to book the services well in advance.
To book your move on the desired date, we would need the complete moving instructions and deposit as per the quotation. The deposit is to secure the moving crew provision and moving instructions is our authorization to proceed with moving arrangements. Please note we cannot proceed with your moving arrangements if there is lack in the required deposit and instructions.
We can help your short distance move even if it is from first floor to third floor and we can also help you with your furniture moving requirement that is as less as moving single sofa.
No, our rates are flat in each month. We do not offer any discounts but keep our services very pocket friendly.
The fuel and labor charges changes quite frequently to affect the total moving estimate accordingly. There may be a slight difference in rates after one, two or six months. The best way would be to book our services as soon as you get the move date confirmed over the provided quotation and get rid of any stress regarding raise in the charges by the time you finally have to move.
Every added item would be assessed for additional charges and would be loaded in the same vehicle if free space is available or else we will arrange for an extra vehicle.
Yes, our packers are trained to carefully pack all your items professionally using high quality packing boxes, tapes, furniture pads and bubble wraps etc. However, for any technical packing and moving requirements like moving of a piano or pool table, we suggest specific mentioning in the moving instructions so that we can send in the experts.
Right from the initial inquiry call to final delivery of your belongings, you would be assisted by a qualified moving coordinator who would be your immediate contact person for all requirements. You would also be given the contacts to the managing director and quality manager in the event of any dispute arising.
Appliances like refrigerator, washing machine, gas lines to dryers and dish washer etc. must be thoroughly serviced before the move for safe transportation. The refrigerator and other appliances must be emptied and cleaned well before the move.
We cannot move such food items and it is recommended to use your food before loading and moving.
It is better to turn off the utilities like electricity, gas, phone and heat right at the end of the moving day or after it. However, utilities like cable etc. can be turned off a little in advance and all the equipment must be returned.
It is not suggested to move your pet in the moving van with loads of furniture and boxes. You can consult your moving coordinator to choose a suitable option to safely move your pet.
Mattresses are extremely delicate and expensive too. They can easily get soiled and tear even if they are properly wrapped. To make sure that you sleep on clean mattress after hard work of move, it is important to pack your mattresses in boxes. Do instruct us if you need professional packing for you mattresses.
Yes, you can choose to pack your items according to your discretion making sure that every box is appropriately labeled. However, you can also instruct us to professionally pack every item for safer transport. Whether you pack it yourself or instruct us to pack, we would handle everything with equal care.
Many factors can affect the move duration. The size of the home, total number of items or boxes and distance are the main factors that determines the move duration. Stairs, high rise buildings, extreme weather, distance between the unit and the truck can negatively affect the move duration whereas fully packed items, disassembled furniture and having boxes placed near the front door can fasten the process. All such tasks are not necessary for you but can significantly reduce the time period of the move.
Our movers would always be equipped with useful moving tools and equipment such as runners, ramps and clips to make sure that none of your belongings including floor and carpet gets damaged as we move the furniture and boxes.
Our packing and moving crew would never take lunch hour on your expenses. And you are also never expected to tip them as they are paid by us for their services.
We thrive on good after sale services and repeat businesses. We make sure that everything is completed to your satisfaction and in case of any dispute or insurance claim; you can completely rely on our unremitting and relentless commitment.